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Hashish Sites

Bubble Bag - Buy bubble bags for the finest ice water hash extraction. Learn how to make bubble hash and hemp milk. Also selling Hemp Hoodlambs, Vaporizers, and the Bubblenow.




Fresh Headies - Multi-task Filtration system for making fresh headies, hemp milk and general purpose extraction of essential oils.
Hash Direct  - includes discussion forums for medical issues, growing, harvesting, political issues, and more.
Herbal Boxes - The world's most durable Herb and Spice box. Herbal Boxes also carries Herbal seeds, Grow Lights, Grinders, Dehydrators and cloning Kits.
THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) - A guide to making hash oil. Or, for that matter, instructions on Making Hashish. The Grasshopper, a coffeehouse in Amsterdam, has created a brief set of ...
TheBC Sifting & Salvage Boxes - Save your keef !! High Quality, Handmade Oak boxes. Mirrored Glass Bottoms. Unique & Practical Stackable Design. 100% Organic Linseed Oil Finish. 100 Mesh Stainless Steel Screens.
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