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Amsterdamerica  - (Music, Activism & Fun) - Are you interested in any of the following? electronica - neo-psychedelia - artrock - stoner rock - garage - hardcore - distortion fx - mixing & sampling - video art & wall projections - stenciling - and more...

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BrainStormTroopers.com - Homepage of the rock band BrainStormTroopers, features pot songs and heavy metal.
Colorado Jam Band - Aftergrass - Free Music Downloads - Aftergrass is a ski/jam band from the wilds of Durango Colorado that loves to throw down! Our debut CD is in the engineering (long) phase...
Electric Mantra - Groovy music, great visuals, and free Pac Man.
Fredgreen.com - our site is www.fredgreen.com and is a band out of Tempe, AZ that is hemp friendly and has a good following world wide.
Herb Superb - Undercover Music the home of Herb Superb and the most hilarious pot music on the planet (winner 2006 GMMA's 'Best Comedy' Release) 
JetRap.com - You may have seen musician Jet Baker on the cover of High Times or in the High Times DVD, The Cannabis Cup, Over 50 songs about weed! Listen FREE.
Marijuana Music Networkn - Music for stoners by stoners - Tons of FREE features for both artists and fans including 24/7 Live Radio.
Mountain Mirrors- Heavy acoustic music from the woods of Massachusetts
Razbaque Dirge - Free downloads of instrumentals in varying genres, created with the explicit purpose of creating a favourable atmosphere for any and all recreational needs.
T.H.C. Radio - An on-line radio player for heads with lots of cool songs and links to other cool sites.
Toker Tunes - Daily blog of the best stoner music from all genres.
Vegitation - Original Reggae Music from Ocean Beach, San Diego. " Illegal! Are the fruits of this land..."


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