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The Ultimate World Wide Marijuana Seed Bank List

This is a list of all seed banks that I could find active on the Internet. All sites are listed here, Good and Not so good. Please research any internet site before making a purchase. Test them yourself by making a small order first to determine for yourself a companies reliability. Beware of the information on message boards and news groups as a bunch of companies claim each other is a rip off so you can't tell who to believe and who not. I am giving equal linking to all sites and not following what anybody has to say about my list. This is also the only complete working seed bank listing where every site listed is linked to their website, a lot of other lists on the net contain names of seed bank companies without linking to the sites. If you know of a seed bank I have not listed please send in the url. Please Check Your Local Laws to see the Legality of purchasing seeds as it is legal in some countries and not in others.




The Ultimate World Wide Seed Bank List

Premier Products

Blue Mystic


Master Kush

White Widow (50 seeds)


Sites listed by country and growing!!!




Bushdoctor Cannapot Webshop Tempel Seeds Shop  


A-B-Seeds Willy Jack Mellow Gold Bluenose Seedbank
BC Bud Depot BC SEED KING Green Life Seeds Guru Seeds
Highgrade-seeds Dr. Greenthumbs G13 Central Johnny B's Seeds
Cannabis Connoisseur Seed Revolution Circle Co Greenman Seeds
Hempology 101 Kind Seed hempdepot Iron Seed Sales
Marc Emery Direct Legends Mari-Power Seeds#1
Medical Seeds MYSEEDS.ca   Ricky Seeds




Alphabet Seeds Dr Weedseeds Amazing Nature Amsterdam Aloha
Bluebird Coffeeshop Blue Garden Buy Dutch Seeds 77 Seeds
CannaSeeds.nl  Ethnoplanet Cultcha Shop  
Fantaseeds  DUTCHSEEDSBANK Growi Seedbank  
Effettoserra KC Brains  La Canna Mari-Seeds Net
  Marijuana-Seeds.nl   No Mercy Supply
Old Indian Shop   Positive Grow  
  Soma Seeds Sagarmatha   
  White Widow Web Willy Wortel Hempcity  
GANJA-SEEDS.COM Seedsexpress Kiwiseeds Hamp Galleriet
High Supplies – Cannabis Seeds Shop      




cannabisseeds.com Dr Chronic Cannabis Heaven CannabisSeeds.com 
Still Smoking Cannabis Seeds The Crop Shop King Bong
Joint Doctor’s Lowryder Automatic The Highland Co Natural Mystic Pot Seeds
Seedmadness Bullmall  Pick 'n' Mix Cannabis Seeds Seedbank Co UK
The Attitude Seed Bank SeedMasters – Cannabis Seeds Pukka  Toka Cola
420-seeds F1 Cannabis Seeds Simply Cannabis Seeds Dope-Seeds.com Cannabis Seeds Online
Twanged Sea Of Seeds   Well Cool Stuff


Joe Weed Seeds Samenwahl Weed King   


Arum Direct America's Choice    




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